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EMI™ 200 Series
EMI™ L201 : Advanced model LRPM (Under Development)

It is unique in its function and construction.

  • With its light guide technology, the direction and focus of its light output is focused, without glare, visible for over 650', twice the normal stopping distance at 70 MPH.
  • With its energy management system, it will remain lighted through 4-5 days of low light, whether it is inclement weather or from other causes.
  • With its polymer case, it is cost effective, environmentally friendly, and extremely road tough.
  • With its advanced components and solid construction, life expectancy is 5 years.

The EMI™ LRPM is your extra set of eyes to show you where your lane goes, before you get there.

  LED Solar Powered Raised Pavement Markers (LRPM)

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Our Mission

To provide the best highway safety products in the world, to save the lives of your families and friends around the world.

Our Values 

EMI™ Products

The EMI™ LRPM is a MUTCD compliant patent pending self contained, solar powered, LED Lighted Raised Pavement Marker. It is available in all highway colors for different applications. They may be used to supplement or replace line striping, or combined with signals or other ​signing or road markings to enhance their effectiveness.

"One person dies every 16 minutes in a traffic crash in the United States. Over the course of a lifetime, nearly every U.S. resident is touched by consequences of traffic crashes. Toward Zero Deaths is the United States' highway safety vision. It is the only acceptable target for our nation, our families and us as individuals."

EMI™ 100 Series
EMI™ L101 : Base model LRPM (Installed in Test Beds Fall 2015)
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