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   EMI™ L201 : Smart Marker, Integrated Comm

Our Mission

Develop new, and improve existing, highway marking products to save lives around the world.

Our Values 

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  • Honesty is a given. 
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EMI™ L201 Smart LRPM

Planned Release By 2017
  • MUTCD Compliant LED Lighted Raised Pavement Marker. (LRPM)
  • Independent Self Powered Wireless Stand Alone Marker
  • Built In Smart Technology and Communications
    • ​Designed to Integrate with Traffic Signals or Other Traffic Systems
    • Responsive to Signal Controllers or Other Computer Systems
  • Road Tough Poly One Piece Enclosure
  • High Efficiency Solar Cells Integrated into Enclosure
  • Advanced Technology Battery Storage Withstands Extreme Temperatures
  • Proprietary Energy Management System (EMS) Conserves Energy
    • ​Designed to Operate for Up to Five Days Low Light
      (Such as Inclement Weather or Winter Inversions)

    • Dims Before Shutting Off to Prolong Battery Life
  • Reserve Reflectors in the Event of Failure or Shutoff
  • ​Available in White, Highway Yellow, Red, White/Red, Blue, or Combinations
  • Five Year Life Expectancy
  • One Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA - Boise, Idaho