Our Mission

To provide the best highway safety products in the world, to save the lives of your families and friends around the world.

Our Values 

  • Integrity matters.
  • Honesty is a given. 
  • Humility is a gift. 
  • Innovation is our hallmark.
  • Excellence is our goal.

About Evolutionary Markings

Improving Highway and Street Markings World Wide

Evolutionary Markings, Inc.

Evolutionary Markings, Inc. was an idea spawned several years before the company founding. Chuck has long been an inventor, and was driven by a desire to "make a better mouse trap." Line striping and highway markings have not significantly changed in decades. Minor tweaks and application revisions have been the thrust of the changes that have occurred. Chuck was determined to find better methods and better performing markings.

EMI was incorporated in 2014 with a vision of improving highway and street markings for better environmental compatibility and better visibility at all hours, day and night, as well as in the rain. Greatly improved visibility and safety is our goal, with unique product applications that will revolutionize highway marking practices around the world.

Our first product is the EMI™ Lighted Raised Pavement Marker.

Our Founders and Officers are: